Activated Organism vs. Spore Wastewater Treatment: Which is Better?

Looking for an eco-friendly way to treat wastewater? At EnBiorganic Technologies, we work with many municipalities and organizations who find that microbiological treatments are as — or more — effective than chemical treatments. But not all microbiology treatments are created equal. There is a substantial difference between those that use spores and those that use activated organisms. EnBiorganic’s service provides a custom-grown, activated biological solution to break down biosolids, reduce sludge, and eliminate odor — in less time — at a significantly lower cost. And it’s 100% performance guaranteed.

Spore treatments

At first glance, using a spore treatment looks promising. You get a “bug in a jug” liquid — or dry powder in a sack — treatment containing inert microbes in their spore state. But it takes months of continuous treatment, and tens of thousands of dollars, before spores become effective. Let’s look at why.

The microscopic spores must “wake up” from their inert state before they can get to work, a process that happens slowly over time. And after they activate, it takes even more time for them to learn to eat the available “food.” Application is another problem. For spore bioaugmentation to work, huge quantities must be added to wastewater on a daily basis. It’s a massive — and expensive — undertaking, especially considering that 10,000 people generate roughly 1 million gallons of solid waste a day. So, while spore treatments are more environmentally sound than their chemical counterparts, their strain on budgets and personnel make them economically unsustainable.

Activated organism treatment

Active state bio-treatment of wastewater has proven significantly more successful and cost-effective than spore and other microbiological treatments. Unlike spores, these organisms are already active and ready to consume food and nutrients —as well as harmful microbes. Active state wastewater treatment works much faster to remove pollutants, break down sludge, and reduce odor. And unlike spore treatments, which take several months to start working, EBT’s activated treatment solution will show results in a matter of weeks.

How our unique EBS-Di activated treatment works

Our EBS-Di solution is a turn-key system for sustainable wastewater treatment. The EBS-Di process requires minimal input costs and no additional work from treatment plant personnel. Plus, it uses natural microbiological processes to clean wastewater for municipal and industrial applications. The system uses a plug-and-play treatment unit that creates custom microbes for each site. The microbes are derived from naturally occurring soil bacteria using EBT’s patent pending, proprietary technology. When released into the water, the microbes are ready to find and feed off the available food sources — making the treatment process that much more efficient and expedient. It also makes it more versatile in application as custom microbes can be formulated to treat industrial, agricultural, and municipal wastewater.

EBS-Di process technology will:

  • Eliminate fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that cause sewer blockages and sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs)
  • Reduce sludge and eliminate odors
  • Reduce costs of sludge processing and disposal by 80-100%
  • Increase wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) capacity by two to three times with our original organic loading design
  • Reduce retention time and increase treatment efficiency with microbes that multiply two times faster than other active treatments
  • Microbes perform with or without oxygen — unlike more traditional microbiological methods
  • Destroy pathogens and improve the effluent quality

Curious to try our EBS-Di system? Request a demo today.

Looking for a sustainable, ecologically sound wastewater treatment solution? EnBiorganic’s EBS-Di system works with the environment for results that exceed regulatory standards.

We’ve spent over 30 years creating a system that’s derived from nature and designed to work in perfect tandem with our ecosystem. Our fully sustainable wastewater treatment solution is more than a customizable answer to your wastewater challenges; EBS-Di is a turn-key system that works faster and more efficiently to do what nature does naturally.

Learn more about our patent pending, proprietary wastewater treatment solution when you request a demo today.

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