Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Automated, No-Maintenance Wastewater Treatment

There’s a famous principle of evaluation called Occam’s razor. The theory posits that the simplest, most obvious solution is often the right one. At EnBiorganic Technologies, we couldn’t agree more. Our EBS-Di technology as a service (TaaS) system provides a naturally derived, advanced microbiological solution for wastewater treatment (WWT), and the entire system is designed to perpetuate the simplicity of its physical construction.

The EBS-Di is a sophisticated, science-driven technological innovation simplified for the end user with guaranteed WWT results delivered as a service.

Built with simplicity

The EBS-Di is designed to simplify WWT via TaaS. From construction and programming to consistent, reliable function, the EBS-Di is a powerful solution with a simple design. Design features include:

  • Stainless steel construction with a small (3′ x 4′) footprint.
  • No special electrical requirements; only 30-amp single phase supply.
  • Modular design for plug-and-play setup and simple maintenance.
  • Remote monitoring, programming, and reporting capabilities.

The EBS-Di takes up minimal space, functions steadily with remote monitoring capabilities, adapts to almost any WWT situation, and provides quantifiable results that more than justify its application. We’re talking about a provable 100% to 200% increase in wastewater treatment plant efficiency.

Maintenance-free continuity

The convenience and simplicity of the EBS-Di go beyond its design. The TaaS model automates microbiology delivery for extraordinary systemic improvements, with zero maintenance on the part of WWT plant staff. The process is continuous, and it’s monitored and updated remotely by EnBiorganic Technologies or its designated licensees. There’s no need to adjust the system or its programming; it’s all done for you. More importantly, it’s all done through data-backed modulation derived from your specific unit’s reporting.

With an automated remote monitoring system, our professionals fine-tune dosing inputs and outputs to optimize treatment and ensure continuity. Our TaaS model doesn’t just maintain operational improvements; it seeks to continuously improve, for compounding ROI that only an evolving microbiological solution can provide.

Behind the scenes, there’s complex biology at work. On the surface, everything works as it should, with no need for intervention.

Avoid costly capital improvements with limited ROI

Remember, the operating principle is that simple is best, and the EBS-Di TaaS model makes WWT simpler than ever. To illustrate this, consider these traditional solutions for wastewater treatment:

  • Maintenance and repair costs associated with WWT infrastructure grow exponentially over time. As years of processing wastewater compound, municipalities are forced to make significant investments to ensure the continued performance of clarifiers, aeration basins, digesters, and other essential infrastructure.
  • Capital expenditures (CAPEX)associated with upgrading WWT plants to improve capacity or replace outdated or inefficient equipment are substantial. These costs easily trend into the tens of millions of dollars and only raise the bar for processing efficiency until they also begin to demand maintenance and repair reinvestment.
  • “Bug in a jug” treatmentsoffer biological options, but the high cost — charged per litre or per pound of microbiology — is not justified by real results, and each successive treatment comes at its own cost. These treatments aren’t customized to achieve the highest degree of efficiency based on each plant’s inherent microbiology — and results are never guaranteed.

In short, traditional WWT plant operations require significant investment in infrastructure, while advanced microbiology has a profound potential to reduce costs. With the EBS-Di TaaS model, municipalities don’t need a massive CAPEX spend to see results. They can reap the ongoing benefits that accompany a tailored microbiological approach, including significantly reduced operating expenditures (OPEX) over time.

For wastewater treatment innovation, it’s tempting to think big, but the EBS-Di proves it’s better to think small.

Simplicity achieves real results

There’s a reason Occam’s razor pops up in discussions of everything from medicine to engineering: The simplest solution is often the best one. EBS-Di solves a specific problem using a specific, custom solution, with no purchase or maintenance required. Instead, WWT operations realize significant benefits with minimal investment in the EBS-Di TaaS solution — and transform their approach to WWT for the benefit of the entire system.

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