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Bridging Science & Technology

We believe in synergy, various parts working together to produce an enhanced result. We are driven to build innovative solutions based on a foundation of solid science. Our team is focused on solving big issues that will have a significant impact on our backyard and beyond.

Our current breakthroughs in wastewater solutions create value for our clients while protecting the planet’s most valuable resources.

We believe in a living planet.

“Societal and environmental pressures over recent years have led to a growing movement for industry to reduce its wastewater and to treat it before discharge. Wastewater is now seen as a potential resource and its use, or recycling after suitable treatment can provide economic and financial benefits.”

– UN Water Development Report, 2017


Darrell Liski
President & CEO

Darrell Liski is a serial entrepreneur, having built and led companies across numerous industries including home construction, contract manufacturing and wholesale distribution.


Upon successfully enhancing a portfolio of self-storage facilities and services, structured as a limited partnership, Darrell finalized the sale of this portfolio to a public company and regained a sizable return for the limited partners. In March of 2017, Darell had successfully exited all active business interests and was ready for retirement. However, looking to take on a new challenge, Darrell started a new venture, engaging people with a vision to acquire and enhance valuable business assets. This venture has been growing steadily and successfully keeping Darrell out of retirement for a little longer.

Rodney Dickerson, P.E.
Chief Technology Officer

Rodney Dickerson graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering as well as earned his registered professional chemical engineering designation.


Rod has an extensive background in chemical engineering, project engineering and corporate development. He has worked on large-scale projects worldwide, with companies such as Crest Engineering and Petro-Marine Engineering.

The past 20 years have included work in the field of advanced microbial technologies for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. Additionally, Rod served as a founder and board member of In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC. Rod holds seven environmentally-related process patents as well as several patents pending. These process patents pertain to the treatment of contaminants and odors in both water and air, and application of microbes to wastewater collection systems.

Bob Dumur
VP – Production

Bob Dumur is the President / CEO of Dumur Consulting with over 35 years of experience as a Senior Level Process Administrator with in-depth knowledge on all levels of production process including MRP/ERP implementation, production cost build up and documentation.


Bob empowers management, using a disciplined visual approach, to analyze operations and process equipment.  As Founder and President of Dumur Industries to 2013, Bob was instrumental in achieving top 50 Tier 1 supplier status to General Dynamics; Manufacturing parts and components to supply General Motors, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Navistar, Mercedes Benz and Mack Defense that were involved in projects for Canadian LAV, US Stryker, US Marine Corps, Austrian and Saudi Arabia ground military combat vehicles; Designer and manufacturer of TAGS vehicles, first armored unmanned vehicle deployment in Israel, European Union and purchased by the US government.  Bob was involved as a Designer of Mars lunar vehicle, program bid; Designer of 7 axis plasma cutting robot to cut first US Stryker blast proof hull; Supplier of components for metal disintegration on the hull of the Titanic; Also involved in Nano Powder development of specialty steel used in ballistic steel, corrosion protection from MIC Bacteria, and training VTT Finland.

Matt Slough
Business Development Manager

Matt has an extensive solution-based background, with over five years of technology sales experience and four years in the financial/insurance industry. He has been helping companies across North America, handling their needs from concept to installation in a support capacity.


Matt graduated from the University of Winnipeg and has worked with leading companies such as the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Thomson Reuters, Potash Corp, Cargill and United Healthcare. With years of experience assisting the public sector and organizations of all sizes implement technology solutions, Matt understands the challenges and benefits associated with large scale technical sales.

With a passion for the outdoors and environmental issues, Matt is now the Business Development Manager at EnBiorganic Technologies.

Valerie Vivian-Rogers
Senior Technologist

Valerie Vivian-Rogers is a microbiology specialist with a Master of Science in Biology and Microbiology. With over 30 years of industrial experience, microbiology has been at the forefront of Valerie’s career.


Her passion for the field started with her graduate work on applied microbiological areas involving soil, environmental and petroleum microbiology. Since then, she has worked on numerous industrial projects for pioneering companies such as The Upjohn Company, Alpharma Animal Health Division, In-Pipe Technology, Infinity AG Solutions, and now with EnBiorganic Technologies. Val has spearheaded the design and management of numerous laboratories dedicated to food, water and soil quality with microbiological and chemical testing of inputs and outs. With such in-depth knowledge, she is considered a subject matter expert in her industry and has several published pieces. Some of Val’s most recent work relates to conducting and facilitating USDA Organic and Global G.A.P. audits, developing and maintaining SOPs for manufacturing and laboratory procedures and working on procedures for monitoring specific Bacillus strains in soil.

Malcolm Burbank, Ph.D.
Senior Technologist

Malcolm Burbank is an environmental scientist with a broad background in environmental microbiology and molecular biology. He has Ph.D.s in three domains – microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry.


Dr. Burbank has worked closely with geotechnical and environmental engineers to develop microbiology-based technologies to address several issues. These issues include bioremediation of heavy metals by indigenous soil bacteria, seismic-induced liquefaction, the use of microbiology to increase soil bearing capacity, shear strength, altering the hydraulic conductivity and permeability of the soil. Dr. Burbank was the Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of BioCement Technologies, Inc. and is currently an Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member at Boise State University in the Department of Civil Engineering. He is also the editor at Applied Ecology and Environmental Sciences, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of applied ecology and environmental sciences. Innovation is at the core of Dr. Burbank’s work philosophy. Having earned the 2010 University of Idaho Innovation Award, he has continued to push boundaries and has numerous patents in the field of indigenous microorganisms. Dr. Burbank is uniquely qualified to work on projects at the interface of microbiology and engineering.

Anson Liski
Market Development

Anson is a marketing and communications specialist with experiences that include being the marketing and sales lead for Modular Storage Systems until its sale in 2017. He also has experience working in non-profit, NGO, and IGO sectors, notably the University of Saskatchewan and the United Nations.


Anson has a BA (Hons) in Political Science from the University of Saskatchewan and an MSc. in International Politics from Trinity College, Dublin. He has had a unique educational experience that required him to live and volunteer in Honduras and Ecuador, which is in addition to his extensive global volunteering in places like Haiti, Dominican Republic and Thailand. Having lived in communities around the world that have struggled to attain things as important as clean water, Anson is uniquely motivated to be a part of the EnBiorganic team.

Taryn Kennedy
Special Projects Manager

Taryn has a diverse background in finance and as an executive assistant.  She graduated in 2002 with a diploma in New Media Communications.


Since starting work with Darrell Liski in 2013, she has assisted in many projects including marketing, social media management, key performance indicator reports, shareholder relations and accounting.