EnBiorganic Offers a Turn-key Solution to Wastewater Management

EnBiorganic Technologies offers a system that stands out among their competitors; it is unique in the sense that it’s a customized, turn-key solution to wastewater management.

Many of the microbiology-­based solutions that have gone before EnBiorganic have been ineffective, overpromised and underdelivered. “The municipal sector has a dim view of microbiological treatment solutions because so many people sell bacteria alone, telling their customers to buy it and add it,” explains Rodney Dickerson, Director, CTO and Co-Founder of Environmental Bioorganic Sciences. “The salesperson gets paid, and the municipality is out of money for something that doesn’t work. This has left the industry, by and large, with a bad impression of bioaugmentation, and rightfully so.”

So, what sets EnBiorganic apart from the rest? For starters, EnBiorganic provides a performance-based system. The client does not buy any equipment or bacteria, which means there is no economic risk on the part of the client. Moreover, the performance always results in savings in operational cost that are greater than the monthly service fee.

The system is backed by 30 years of Dickerson’s experience, plus a microbiologist with three Ph.D.’s and one with a Masters Degree, both with a combined experience of more than 60 years. “By looking at our results, you’ll see that what we provide is authentic and it works,” says Darrell Liski, CEO and General Partner at NuSolutions LP.

The process that EnBioroganic offers can be used in several markets including municipal, commercial, industrial and animal production, to name a few and the results are impressive. “The outcome of the water in a swine operation, for example, results in water coming out as a clear liquid, probiotic for the hogs,” explains Liski. “The water that is produced is nutrient­ rich and full of active microbiology derived from the soil. Most importantly, the foul odors normally emanated from the wastewater on these farms are eliminated! Any odors are then contained within the barns and the farm can now be neighborhood friendly!”

“In municipal wastewater systems, we stop odors and sewer overflows caused by the accumulation of fats, oils and grease, keeping the sewers free­flowing and odor free,” adds Dickerson. “Odors are usually in the form of corrosive gases, so we also extend the service life of the sewer and related equipment. At the wastewater treatment facility, we reduce energy input by 65 percent or more, reducing greenhouse gases and greatly reducing final biosolids.”

The quality of the final effluent water is greatly improved, exceeding regulatory requirements for reuse or discharge.

“EnBiorganic Technologies removes over 65 percent of the energy needed in wastewater treatment by replacing indigenous bacteria with our customized bacteria that doesn’t need the energy input to perform throughout the entire system,” says Dickerson, “we offer a service that is backed by results, and the client only pays for performance.”

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