EnBiorganic Technology Demonstration: EBS-Di

By the end of June, 2020, EnBiorganic completed the technology demonstration of the EBS-Di at a municipal lagoon in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. The goal of the project was to show how the EnBiorganic process can eliminate sludge, odour, reduce costs, and increase system efficiency for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).

The EBS-Di is a remotely monitored autonomous microbial generator that creates massive concentrations of the soil bacteria in an active and adapted format trained on the target material. These EBS-Di generated microbes work more than 10 times faster than the typical standard of inactive spore state microbes currently sold in the market. In time, the generated soil bacteria will reach the entire collection sewer system improving its overall performance and health. The EnBiorganic microbes work by outcompeting harmful microbes because the Enbiorganic consortium is selected to work synergistically and thrive in the same conditions as the harmful microbiology, reproducing rapidly and efficiently.

In partnership with Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd., a Canadian licensed service provider, EnBiorganic installed it’s flagship technology into a sectioned off portion of the Kindersley lagoon. The Saskatchewan Research Council provided third party testing on key metrics: Total Solids, E-Coli, Coliforms, and Microcystin, the toxin produced by Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green algae).

The EBS-Di only ran for 10 days, and by the end of the test period, the EnBiorganic process saw amazing results! There was a 67.5% decrease in Total Solids, a 99.18% decrease in E-Coli, a 93.15% decrease in Coliforms, and the elimination of Microcystins to a negligible level below the limit considered safe by all regulatory agencies, including World Health Organization.

Sludge-Judge baseline test on May 27, 2020.
End of test period in June, 2020.

The EnBiorganic process demonstration at the Kindersley lagoon successfully proved the effectiveness of the process. The ability of the process to eliminate 67.5% of Total Solids in the short period of time shows only a glimpse of what the process is capable of doing in a long-term or permanent placement. Importantly, this project also demonstrated the ability of the microbiology to eliminate cyanobacteria microcystin toxin rapidly and efficiently.

The sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency demonstrated in this project show the EnBiorganic process combination of EBS-Di generator with proprietary soil microbiology formulation is widely capable to improve wastewater systems.

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