Louisiana and Mississippi Can Now Readily Access Groundbreaking Wastewater Treatment Options

NuTech Innovations to offer cutting-edge natural and sustainable wastewater treatment technology options to municipal and industrial asset owners 

Las Vegas, NV August 2022The problem facing many smaller communities and industries in Louisiana, Mississippi and other parts of the nation is access to affordable and sustainable methods for the treatment of wastewater, particularly in those that will not require the burden of large capital expenditure or additional operational overhead.

To alleviate this, Kevin Ayers and Chris Evans, veterans of the industrial and municipal wastewater industry, decided to join forces with EnBiorganic Technologies as a licensee to deliver its autonomous bioaugmentation technology solution. They have formed a new entity for this purpose, NuTech Innovations which is headquartered in Lafayette, Lousiana.

“Our infrastructure is only getting older, and our population is growing. Utilities are constantly being asked to do more with less, so we saw this technology as a favorable way to help communities solve their challenges without added expenses and provide a means for improved treatment, capacity and sustainability,” shares Evans.

The EnBiorganic wastewater treatment solution solves multiple common pain points such as sludge reduction and the associated costs, odor elimination and FOG reduction. Facilities in other parts of North America currently using the technology are also enjoying reduced energy costs and maintenance labor requirements along with increased plant capacity and resolution of compliance issues.

“My experience in providing man-made solutions for treatment could only be made better for our clients through natural bioaugmentation that uses the right biology adapted to the unique environment and application. EnBiorganic’s automated and controlled method to dispense the solution just made sense as a better way to approach treatment,” Ayers relates.

EnBiorganic is excited to welcome NuTech Innovations to its ranks due to their leadership’s extensive market experience and desire to bring affordable and effective solutions to their region. 

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