Assured Results

Our unique system for wastewater management is highly-effective, requiring minimal input costs and little to no maintenance costs. It’s compact and compatible with existing infrastructures. 

We treat wastewater the way nature does – with microbiology. Our customized microbial agent is formulated specifically for the unique needs of each site. with assured results that are exceedingly better than government NPDES permit regulations.



From end-to-end EnBiorganic Technologies removes your risk


Compatible with existing infrastructures, our generator is compact, secure and durable. It is easy to install. Its modular design is built for simple maintenance management.


With an automated remote monitoring system, we fine-tune dosing inputs and outputs to match changes in the flows and conditions to optimize treatment while also ensuring the system stays running.


Naturally derived from soil and completely non-pathogenic, our microbiology has a proven positive impact on the environment. It is specifically formulated for a particular site: trained to feed off a certain diet and then released into the wastewater environment, knowing its food source.


We utilize the engineering expertise from our in-house laboratory to resolve your wastewater treatment challenges with a cost-effective and customized approach tailored to your facility.


A New Standard of Biological Dosing

Armed with the proprietary technology, we build naturally derived microbiology in formulation to target specific organic material. The development and success of this exclusive technology have been captured over the past 30 years. This technology is not just environmentally friendly; it’s a natural part of the environment.



Our process improves the condition of the collection system by reducing odor and degrading fats, oils and grease (FOG), as well as reducing organic loadings to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). It increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process.



A reduction in influent BOD loads and the presence of improved microbiology in the process will reduce your energy costs.



We extend and protect the life of existing infrastructure by converting the sewer collection system into an active, beneficial part for the wastewater treatment process.



Our system promotes optimal effluent treatment with assured results that are exceedingly better than acceptable government guidelines, thereby reducing surcharges for high discharge levels of polluted water and odors.


Compatible: with existing and new infrastructures

Durable: stainless steel construction

Secure: alarmed access

Plug and Play: easy to install

Compact: small footprint, fitting a 3′ X 4′ space

Smart: fully integrated GPS and remote monitoring system

Modular: built for simple maintenance management

Reliable: equipped with battery backup



Automated: updates to the latest version

Intelligent: remotely monitored with diagnostic programming to preempt problems and battery backup allows reporting of any problems, including power failure



Efficient: delivers a range of 288 to 2160 liters per day of custom-formulated, concentrated, active microbiology

Customized: microbiology formulated to suit the specific use case

Supported: by experienced microbiologists in our dedicated lab at Global Micro Bio Technologies, LLC

EBS ▸ Di

LENGTH 47″ OPERATING VOLTAGES 30 amp 220-240 volts WIFI ENABLED Cellular connection
WIDTH 25″ OPERATING ENERGY Less than 2 kw/h GPS WAAS capable
HEIGHT 35″ BATTERY BACK-UP Electric APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector
DRY WEIGHT 225 lbs

Remote monitoring means site visit intervals ranging from 60 to 540 days

  • Naturally derived, with a proven positive impact on the environment
  • No special electrical requirements, unit needs only 30 amp single phase supply


  • Meets and exceeds compliance standards


  • Reduces operation and maintenance costs
  • Reduces surcharges for high discharge levels of polluted water and odors
  • Treatment as a Service (TaaS)
  • Reduces odors
  • Requires no capital expenses\Required additional training included
  • Reduces the need for storage
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring
  • Secure entry


  • Digests wastewater sludge to decrease related costs
  • Controls FOG (fat, oil and grease)
  • Eliminates effluent discharge permit concerns
  • Improves wastewater treatment plant performance
  • Breaks down pollutants and solids
  • Controls odor and corrosion
  • Maximizes capacity of collection system with the removal of excess biofilm accumulations of sediments and FOG, a major contributor to overflows
  • Increases the useful life of new and existing collection systems and related infrastructure
  • Can immediately be placed in service resulting in quick results

Performance Guaranteed

Upgrades and component replacement parts are included.