Jal, New Mexico signs 3-year agreement for Bio-Augmentation Services after successful performance trial at its lagoon wastewater treatment facility

Installation of EnBiorganic Technologies provides sustainable and affordable solution to help mitigate this rural community’s issues of discharge compliance levels, sludge reduction and effluent quality

Las Vegas, NV December 2021EnBiorganic Technologies  (EBT), innovator and provider of patent-pending, turn-key autonomous systems for the natural, biological treatment of wastewater is pleased to announce that the City of Jal, New Mexico has signed a three-year service agreement for bioaugmentation services into the city’s sewer and lagoon wastewater treatment system.

Jal’s wastewater treatment system had been out of regulatory compliance for several years due to an influx of large numbers of oilfield workers, their housing demands impact and overloading of a 50+ year old system. The city was faced with having to build a mechanical treatment plant that could cost as much as $20 Million and take years to design and build, assuming they could figure out how to finance the capital costs and cover the ongoing operating expenses.

To try and help mitigate the existing problems, Jal elected to try EBT’s bioaugmentation service through a performance trial during late summer 2021. The unit was installed at the treatment plant’s lift station which was determined by Jal staff and EnBiorganic’s technical team as the most favorable location to achieve the desired results. The plant currently serves a population of approximately 3,000 with an average treatment of 0.2-.3 MGD.

Shortly after installation and startup, the odor problems disappeared and soon thereafter the sludge started to disappear as well. In less than one month, the treatment facility effluent was well within permit levels and continued improving. Matt White, City Manager of Jal, NM, was skeptical when told to expect such results. From July through October—“and these numbers are shocking,” says White—“BOD has dropped to 5.5 milligrams, TSS is down to 5.2 and total nitrogen is at 10.9 and we are in compliance. We’re very pleased with what we’ve seen and it seems to be working very, very well.” So impressed with the results over several months of compliance, he decided the city needed to secure the service for three years.

Communities in the Southwest interested in learning more about the application of the EBS-Di technology and arranging for their own performance trial should contact EnBiorganic and their team of Authorized Service Providers toll free at 888 356 8333 or email More information is available at

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