Performance Trial of EBS-Di Wastewater Treatment Technology Starts in Silver Spring Township Authority

Installation of EnBiorganic Technologies treatment technology to help reduce operational costs, increase
plant efficiency, remove odors, FOG and H2S effects begins

Silver Spring Township, PA, April 2022– EnBiorganic Technologies (EBT), innovator and provider of patented turn-key
autonomous systems for the natural, biological treatment of wastewater in conjunction with its licensed installer, ABEL
RECON of Mountville, PA has just completed the installation of an EBS-Di unit at a pump station upstream
from the Silver Spring Township Authority’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. A risk-free 60-
day performance trial of the technology has now commenced to prove its effectiveness in reducing
FOG, H2S deterioration, and odors throughout the authority’s collection system, as well as lowering or
potentially eliminating the need for sludge disposal and the associated costs. Significant savings in
aeration energy, and other operational costs are also anticipated. The result will provide breathing room for
Silver Spring’s annual budget and increase the wastewater treatment plant’s efficiency and capacity as Silver Spring is
now the fast-growing community in the greater Harrisburg, PA area.

The unit was installed at a pump station, approximately 4 miles from the treatment plant’s headworks which was
determined by Silver Spring Township staff and EnBiorganic’s technical team as the most favorable location to achieve the desired results. The plant currently serves a population of approximately 18,000 with an average treatment of .8MGD and maximum capacity of 1.2 MGD.

“We are excited to be working with Silver Spring Township Authority and appreciate their willingness to look for and
incorporate innovative solutions like the EBS-Di to solve their collection system health and treatment issues,” shares
Devin Soop, Business Development Manager with ABEL RECON. The EBS-Di has previously proven its effectiveness in
sludge reduction, odor elimination and dramatic changes in the quality of effluent for meeting or exceeding compliance
standards during other performance trials so both ABEL RECON and EBT are confident that over the next few months,
they will help the plant meet and sustain its goals for sustainably increasing efficiency and overall cost savings.

Communities in the Northeast interested in learning more about the application of the EBS-Di technology and arranging
for their own performance trial should contact EnBiorganic Authorized Service Provider,
ABEL RECON at 717.285.3103. More information is available at

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