Yes, upgrades and component replacement parts are included in your maintenance fee.

We select the microbial strains used in our formulations based on a combination of experience along with analysis and testing in our laboratories.

Yes, and not only that, but it’s compact, secure and durable. Our generator is easy to install, with only two liquid connections – one for raw water and one for active microbiology. The modular design of our generator is built for simple maintenance management. 

Yes, it’s stainless steel construction and 18-gauge frame makes it extremely durable and even fire rated. 

Our microbiology has a proven positive impact on the environment. It is naturally derived from soil and completely non-pathogenic. It is specifically formulated for a particular site – trained to feed off a certain diet and then released into the wastewater environment, knowing its own food source. Each dose of microbes will positively affect a measured quantity of affluents.

Our automated remote monitoring system allows us to fine-tune dosing to match any changes that may occur in the flow or conditions while ensuring the system continues to run. 

We provide a performance-based system which means that you don’t have to buy any equipment or bacteria, there is no economic risk on the part of the client. Moreover, the performance always results in savings in operational cost that are greater than the monthly service fee.

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